2023 Edition of E=mc2 Magazine

It is with great pleasure that we present this 2023 magazine. The encouragement and development of young scientists is an important goal of our program here. Supported by the National Science Foundation and RDMChem, the developer of the Quantum Chemistry Toolbox in Maple, and focusing on Regeneron semifinalists who use mathematics in their projects, this year’s contributions are quite amazing. We hope you will enjoy the science and the humanity of these young people who are hope for a better society.

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2023 Edition

Amelia Abell, Sasha Bandler, Skylar Cowen, August Deer, Tanish Jain, Catherine Jiao, Jacob Leshnower, Lucca Forrest, Naia Luz Marcelino, Mason Matich, Ali El Moselhy, Bryson Shaub

2023 Edition

A Quantitative Regression and Volatility Analysis of the Relationship Between Economics and Political Stability

Lucca Forrest

Economics Political Science

2023 Edition

Advances in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

August Deer



Analyzing the Interaction Between HRAS, STAT3, and LRPPRC in the Mitochondria

Behind the mask: The impact of face masks and mask mandates on facial emotion

Causal effects of self-blame and self-efficacy messages on climate change intentions and behaviors in the context of political party affiliation: A randomized controlled trial

dataBASE DNA Data Storage

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