2022 Edition of E=mc2 Magazine

It is with great pleasure that we present this 2022 magazine. The encouragement and development of young scientists is an important goal of our program here. Supported by the National Science Foundation and RDMChem, the developer of the Quantum Chemistry Toolbox in Maple, and focusing on Regeneron semifinalists who use mathematics in their projects, this year’s contributions are quite amazing. We hope you will enjoy the science and the humanity of these young people who are hope for a better society.

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2022 Edition

Aurrel Bhatia, Caitlin Chheda, Jonathan Chung, Abraham Franchetti, Reem Hamdan, Riley Keating, Kathryn Le, Jerry Li, Desiree Rigaud, Maya Sharma, Siddharth Tiwari, Vaibhav Mishra, Keelan Vaswani, Michael Zeng, Zachary Zitzewitz

2022 Edition

A Theoretical Model of the Surface Geometry of Laminar Fluid Chains

Zachary Zitzewitz

Mathematics Engineering

2022 Edition

AI Epidemiology: A linear regression modeling and structured machine learning protocol for the analysis of Alzheimer's Disease genomic data

Reem Hamdan

Medicine Molecular Biology


Analyzing Political and Economic Variation in United States' COVID-19 Response

Computational Analysis of Specific Indicators to Manage Crop Yield and Profits Under Extreme Heat and Climate Change Conditions

Corals and Microbes under Heat Stress

COVID-19 Induced Economic Stress: The Effect on Marital Functioning and Methods of Alleviating Financial Stress

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